Sony's Thread Described as Back to The Future Meets Aliens

Thread, a mysterious Sony project by Moon Knight writer Jeremy Slater and producer James Wan, has been called "Back to The Future meets Aliens."


A hugely exciting project courtesy of Moon Knight creator and head writer Jeremy Slater and horror producer James Wan is on the cinematic horizon. Titled Thread, not much is known about the project outside of a tantalizing description which calls the movie “Back to The Future meets Aliens.” Frankly, we don’t need to know anymore, and that should be more than enough information to ensure our attendance.

The Back to The Future meets Aliens project, the scant details of which were unveiled by Deadline, is being developed by Sony, and will see Jeremy Slater, the head writer for Marvel’s upcoming Disney+ series on board to write the script for Thread and direct. Producing will be Atomic Monster’s James Wan and Michael Clear, with Judson Scott, and Melissa Russell serving as executive producers. James Wan has become well-renowned for his affinity for action and horror thanks to helming the likes of Fast & Furious 7, Aquaman, Insidious, Saw, The Conjuring, and the recent Malignant.

So, what exactly could “Back to The Future meets Aliens” mean exactly? Billing Thread by referring to two of the most iconic movies of all time is certainly a brave move, and for Sony’s sake, the movie better be able to live up to such a description. The reference to Back to The Future must surely indicate the inclusion of time travel, with perhaps a beloved duo embarking on an adventure across different time periods. As for Aliens, this would suggest that Thread will involve an invasion of the extra-terrestrial kind. Aliens is well-known for its combination of action and horror, as well as introducing far more aliens than its predecessor's solitary Xenomorph.

Thus, Thread could very well involve our heroes hurtling through time in order to stop an alien invasion, with the tone falling somewhere between action, horror, and Back to The Future-style adventure.